Experienced & Knowledgeable Management Team

Experienced & Knowledgeable Management Team

Trained & Certified Technicians

Trained & Certified Technicians

Use of Enviro responsible Chemicals

Use of Enviro responsible Chemicals

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pest First is a pest control services provider with professionals and domain experts having prior work experience with leading national and international pest control organizations of over three decades. We provide effective pest control solutions to homeowners and businesses in over 30 locations across the country.

We deliver the best pest control services across South Delhi, with expert technical advice and professional solutions. All our technicians and staff members undergo extensive training and certification programs in order to stay tuned up to date with modern technologies, processes and tools. This is done continuously to ensure we provide efficient and enviro safe pest control services to protect your home and business.

We offer:

Residential Pest Control in South Delhi

South Delhi's 27.3 lakh people are, unfortunately, more likely to experience some type of pest infestation and incidents.  It’s 241m above sea level. The climate here is mild and generally warm and temperate, which attracts a wide range of pests, such as termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies and mosquitoes. Termites and rodents, in particular, can cause structural damage to properties, leading to financial losses for homeowners as well as potential major health risks. 

If your house is being invaded by unwanted pests, we are here to offer the best pest control services and Technical Expertise in South Delhi to help you to be in a pest-free environment. 

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Commercial Pest Control in South Delhi

We offer a wide range of pest control services for all commercial sectors across South Delhi. Our service programs are customized and science-based after conducting a pest risk assessment. We deliver service packages with frequency daily, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. We regularly resolve issues with pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, flies. Ants., lizards, spiders and occasional invaders. Our records and documentation are compliant to  Regulatory, quality and food safety systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of customised commercial pest control services to a variety of service  sectors which are as below:


Hotel Bedroom


The hospitality and lodging industry in South Delhi relies heavily on reviews of customers to maintain their brand reputation. A pest infestation can quickly undermine guest confidence and tarnish your brand reputation. 

Two Doctors Standing


Pests are particularly worrisome for the highly regulated healthcare environment filled with patients with weakened immune systems. Unfortunately, no matter how clean and sterile it is, it creates the perfect storm for unwanted pests to find a home away from home.


The appearance of pests no matter alive or dead can make customers disgusted by your food. Just one pest scurrying across your floor could send diners straight to the door. Also, negative publicity via social media can easily damage the precious reputation of your restaurant.


Neglecting your pest and sanitation issues might not only spoil your products but ruin your most valuable asset--your brand image. They can lead to significant product loss, regulatory action and a loss of public trust.


Pest in a multi-family building is often difficult to pinpoint and control because the units share floors and walls. It causes both structural and economical damage to the residents.


Pests can get into the supply chain from the outside environment through a multitude of docks or via movement of staff and visitors.  Once there, they will often find ideal conditions in which to live and breed.


No one likes to wake up to a mouse in their bed or a huge black spider on their desk. Pest control also means keeping pests from silently destroying your property. You can't afford to have carpenter ants eating away at your wooden beams or rodents chewing on the wires.


If you do have a pest problem, it can be incredibly costly – especially if it isn't dealt with as quickly as possible. The contamination of raw materials, storerooms, laboratories, production areas, packaging, and finished products will result in huge economic losses.


There is a real need for planners, architects, and builders to recognize and minimize the risks of pest infestation and disease transmission within new developments and to ensure that they do not create conditions that encourage and support the pest infestation.

Pests Active in South Delhi

Cockroach Control in South Delhi

Cockroaches are omnivores, consuming just about anything from discarded food left-overs to the contents of rubbish bags and waste bins. South Delhi's food outlets, businesses, parks and open spaces along with homes provide all the opportunity and access these pests need to breed and thrive. They contaminate food, destroy fabric, paper products and imparts stains and unpleasant odour to surfaces. They are vectors of illness such as dysentery, food poisoning, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, poliomyelitis and may trigger asthma attacks through their body parts and dropping. 

Termite Control in South Delhi

South Delhi is an administrative district of the National Capital, with a population of 27,30,000.  This offers pests such as subterranean termite opportunities and conducive conditions to develop and spread across a variety of structures from flats, apartments, multi-housing, commercial and industrial establishments. Taking care of termite infestation effectively is a challenging and complex process and requires high expertise and engagement. Our Service is scientifically designed to protect and safeguard the structures. Preventive measures for construction of new buildings and existing structures also requires an integrated approach. Our years of experience and expertise in pest control across South Delhi means we offer the most effective treatments to control these structural damaging pests.

Rodent Control in South Delhi

Rodents are one of the most invasive pest species in terms of domestic infestations. The densely populated areas of South Delhi is conducive for pests like rats, mice and bandicoots. Commensal pests rodents have adapted to life in South Delhi with ease. Both rats and house mice are omnivorous, consuming anything. Over the past years, their population in urban areas have build up significantly.  They are nocturnal and opportunistic pests and have tremendous breeding potential. They not only contaminate food but pose multiple health risks. If you feel like your home is also their home, call us for an expert rodent management. We have been managing the rodent populations for years & we know how to control them safely. To get rid of these intelligent and health pests, please be assured with our Rodent control professional programs. 

Bed Bug Control in South Delhi

South Delhi is an administrative district of the National Capital, with a population of 27,30,000. This offers pests such as bed bugs multiple opportunities to develop and spread across a variety of accommodation from homes, hotels, hostels cinemas, lodges, hospitals. These are hitchhikers and can transfer from one place to another by means of luggage, furniture and other transporting material. Addressing a bed bug infestation effectively is quite challenging and complex, but our years of experience and expertise in pest control across South Delhi means we offer the most effective treatment protocols to control these blood-sucking pests.

Ant Control in South Delhi

Ants are a primary pest problem in homes and business spaces in South Delhi. These tiny social insects live in colonies are often spotted indoors and outdoors foraging for food and water. Along with being one of the most commonly reported pest control problems, they consume and contaminate food. You often sight them in your kitchen cupboards, wall voids and flower pots. .Since some species of ants are infamous for painful stings, getting complete control of an infestation demands professional ant control treatment. We contain the problem promptly with a combination of spot application and baiting techniques and needless to say, it is perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Bird Control in South Delhi

Birds can be a problem for businesses in South Delhi and the surrounding residential areas. Unaddressed bird nests can create serious health problems, as bird droppings can spread diseases, infestations and bacteria that can contaminate food, water and other systems. The risk of contagion is higher when birds’ faeces and nesting material build up inside buildings’ gutters and cause floods, consequently damaging the roofs and buildings. Highly acidic bird droppings can damage architecture and paintwork as its substances eat away stonework material creating structural problems. Controlling bird menace effectively is challenging and involves high expertise. However, our years of experience and specialisation in pest control across South Delhi means we offer the most effective humane bird solutions to get rid these pests. 

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What are your opening times? 

We are open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Where in South Delhi do you cover?

We cover all the areas of South Delhi. 

How much does pest control cost in South Delhi?

It depends on the area, the extent of the infestation, technical back up and other operational inputs.