Experienced & Knowledgeable Management Team

Experienced & Knowledgeable Management Team

Trained & Certified Technicians

Trained & Certified Technicians

Use of Enviro responsible Chemicals

Use of Enviro responsible Chemicals

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pest First is a pest control services provider with professionals and domain experts having prior work experience with leading national and international pest control organizations of over three decades. We provide effective bed bug control solutions to homeowners and businesses in over 30 locations across the country.

We deliver the best bed bug control service, with expert technical advice and professional solutions. All our technicians and staff members undergo extensive training and certification programs in order to stay tuned up to date with modern technologies, processes and tools. This is done continuously to ensure we provide efficient and enviro safe pest control services to protect your home and business.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Survey - highlighting the extent of pest infestation, pest pressures & potential nesting and entry routes

  • Prompt Effective Treatments - targeted application tailored for your needs

  • Pest Proofing & Recommendation - helping to prevent further build up of Pest infestations

Residential Bed Bug Control

These are hitchhikers and can transfer from one place to another by means of luggage, furniture and other transporting material. Addressing a bed bug infestation effectively is quite challenging and complex, but our years of experience and expertise in pest control means we offer the most effective treatment protocols to control these blood-sucking pests.

If your house is being invaded by bed bugs, we are here to offer the best bed bug control service and Technical Expertise to help you to be in a pest-free environment.

BedBugFix® - Bed Bug Control Service

It is scientifically designed to control pests such as bed bugs. Its key features are-

  • Inspection and assessment by experienced professionals

  • Knockdown and residual treatment

  • Retreatment in case of reoccurrence of pests

  • Initial treatment, followed by scheduled treatment to kill the hidden and re-emerged infestation, if any

  • CIB registered and approved chemicals

  • Customer awareness on prevention and cooperation

Commercial Bed Bug Control

We offer BedBugFix® - bed bug control services for all commercial sectors. Our service programs are customized and science-based after conducting a pest risk assessment. We deliver service packages with frequency daily, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Our records and documentation are compliant to Regulatory, quality and food safety systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of customised bed bug pest control services to a variety of service sectors which are as below:


Hotel Bedroom


The hospitality and lodging industry relies heavily on reviews of customers to maintain their brand reputation. A bed bug infestation can quickly undermine guest confidence and tarnish your brand reputation.


No one likes to wake up to a bed bug in their bed or on their couch. Bed bug control also means keeping them from silently destroying your property.

Two Doctors Standing


Bed bugs are particularly worrisome for the highly regulated healthcare environment filled with patients with weakened immune systems. Unfortunately, no matter how clean and sterile it is, it creates the perfect storm for unwanted pests to find a home away from home.


Bed bugs in a multi-family building is often difficult to pinpoint and control because the units share floors and walls. It causes both structural and economical damage to the residents.

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